PODs The Backpackers Home, Brickfields @ Kuala Lumpur

Of all the places that I have stayed in Kuala Lumpur, this one is special. Located in the busy street of Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields, a stone’s throw away from KL Sentral, PODs The Backpacker’s Home is nothing but ordinary. I stumbled upon it while I was doing some online research on ‘hostel pods’ and was happy to be able to find one close to home. Even though they provide only the bare necessities and essentials unlike what the other facilities luxury hotels would usually provide, I like their concept and proceeded to book a 2 night’s stay in one of their four female only bunk pods a.k.a dorms.

Getting there was easy peasy (pun intended)! The place is accessible through buses, trains (Monorail, KTM and LRT), and taxis. During the day, the area is bustling with people and activities however, at night the place can be a little daunting so it is wise to travel in groups and avoid going through the alleys for safety reasons. The staff on duty was friendly and the process of checking-in the hostel was quite smooth.

There, I had the privilege to meet Jules, a key master and tour guide of PODs The Backpackers Home. She’s a friendly, humble and fun person to be with. Thanks to her, my stay there was filled with laughter and knowledge. I got to know the history and humble beginnings of the place among others. Jules explained that the hostel is the (big) pod while the backpackers/travellers are the (little cute) peas hence its name. I also got to know about the essential items a true backpacker should have while travelling.


Among them are:

  • A pair of earplugs (for soundless, undisturbed sleep especially when travelling in Asia for the rooms are generally not really sound-proofed)
  • A torchlight (for lights out session or in case of emergencies)
  • A micro-fibre travel towel (that dries lightning fast)
  • Padlocks and keys (for a better secured locker)
  • Travel sheet (can act as an extra blanket, makeshift curtain, etc)


There’s one thing you should know about this place – that they have ground rules for the ‘peas’ to follow. Being a backpacker’s home, the hostel practices the common backpackers rules of thumb and the one rule I remember clearly until today is:

  • Lights out after 11pm (at the pods) – you are encouraged to use a torchlight, keep activities to a bare minimum and keep your voice down as to not disturb the other peas’ rest


Besides providing accommodation for the ‘peas’, they also organise weekly gatherings with people and friends from active arts/music practitioners. Fun activities such as tours (to the beach, jungle & river rafting), short hikes, scooter tours, charity & volunteering are available according to schedule or upon request. There is always something interesting and fun to do at PODs! With that, you’ll be sure that staying with the PODs gives you a safe, rested, and very fun experience. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and tell me your experience!

My only regret is not having the time to try out their tours especially the free R2B2 Wheelie Tour around Brickfields. Well, that leaves me a reason to go back again to PODs for yet another round of fun and wisdom! Overall, I had a good time there and would recommend this place to avid backpackers and such.


The reception counter at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
The activities area at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
An interesting work of art at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
Cultural performances, group gatherings and such are regularly performed in this area at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
The way to the pods / beds at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
Private single & double pods / beds at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
My pod / bunk bed in the females only room at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
The mixed pods / bunk beds at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
Spacious lockers & interesting interior décor at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
Basic shower facilities at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
The pantry and information area at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields
The gifts exchange area – where fellow backpackers could take or leave souvenirs behind for other backpackers at PODs Backpacker Hostel, Brickfields


1-6, No 30, Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields,
50470, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call : +603 2260 1434 for more details
Email : admin@podsbackpacker.com


Check-In Time: 1:00 pm • Check-Out Time: 12:00 pm
Free R2B2 Wheelie Tours – Scoot around and see Brickfields upclose and personal
Free Breakfast • Safe Box for Laptops • 24-hour Convenient Store • Self-operated Laundry Service
Located near banks, post office, travel and tours office, clinics and schools

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