4D/3N Backpacking Bali (Part 2) : Bayu Guest House @ Ubud, Bali (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of my write-up for Bayu Guest House, a wonderful Balinese-style guest house that is located in central Ubud, Bali. 🙂 To read the write-up and see the photos from Part 1, kindly click here – Bayu Guest House @ Ubud, Bali (Part 1). As promised, I will be sharing photos of the (Rama) room which my sister and I stayed during our two nights stay at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali.


Types of Rooms at Bayu Guest House

Guests can choose to stay in either one of the three individually unique rooms – Bayu, Rama or Sita. Both Rama and Sita rooms are located on the ground floor whereas the Bayu room is located upstairs, just beside the cosy common area. I will elaborate more on that along with the facilities provided in the next write-up. Today’s write-up will be focused more on the rooms and just about everything about it.

Both Bayu and Rama rooms can occupy a single to up to two occupants (or extra if you have children travelling with you) at one time. The Sita room has the capacity to occupy more occupants. All three rooms have en-suit bathrooms with hot/cold water, is fully air-conditioned and is fully equipped with facilities such as a stocked-up mini fridge, hair-dryer, television with cable channels, electric kettle, toiletries, clothes hanger/rack, electric insect repellent and even slippers!


Rama – The Best Room with Paddy Field View

The room with the best view would be the Rama room – our lovely room which is located just next to the paddy field. It has its very own patio overlooking the paddy field where travellers can just sit and chill; enjoying the natural surroundings while being serenaded by cicadas by the day and crickets by the night. 😀 The view in Bayu room is equally good for guests will be able to enjoy the same view from a much higher ground.

There is a huge bathing tub/jacuzzi in the Bayu room whereas in the Rama room, guests can take a shower in three ways: 1) through the mobile shower head, 2) from above just like you are in the rain; singing raindrops keep falling on my head or 3) via the massaging body spray/shower. My sister and I tried all three ways and we enjoyed it very much, however my favourite would be taking a shower as if I am in the rain and singing to B.J Thomas’ number. 😉


What I love about our Rama room:

  • Nicely scented, ironed and clean bathrobes for him and her are provided
  • Nicely scented, fresh and clean body, face and even hand towels are provided every day
  • Bottles of clean mineral water, packets of instant coffee, tea, and sugar are replenish every day
  • The mini fridge is stocked with isotonic drinks, carbonated drinks and Bintang beer too
  • There are ice cubes in the mini fridge to my delight
  • The room is spacious, clean and well-kept. Did I mention that they clean the room every day?
  • There are travel guide books, phamplets and information on the available tours, tourist attractions, operating hours and the things to see/do in Ubud and Bali
  • Breakfast is served with a choice of having it at the patio overlooking the paddy field or in the common area upstairs
  • Heck, my sister and I love just everything about it! 😀


The little glitches of the Rama room:

  • Due to its location being just next to the paddy field and in the countryside, there are many bugs around (Tips: Mosquito coils are lit-up every night at the patio so that should do the trick of keeping those harmless bugs away)
  • Due to the use of the electric insect repellent in the room, there are many tiny dead bugs in the room the night after/in the morning (Tips: They clean the room every day/morning or whenever you’re not around)
  • Also, due to its location that is facing the east towards the sunrise, the room can get pretty hot and bright in the mornings. (Tips: Pull the curtains and set the air-conditioner to maximum capacity)
  • Other than the above, we couldn’t find any faults with the room

Don’t Fret The Small Stuffs

To be honest, the issue of live or dead bugs or even when the room sometimes gets too hot in the morning did not bother us at all because we see it as just a tiny matter not worth getting heated-up/agitated for. Life is short and there are more things in life to be valued and enjoyed, so just make the best out of what you have/get and do not let such petty things get to you and destroy your happiness/stay/travels. 😉

For me, being able to wake-up to cool, fresh air and seeing greenery as far as the eye can see is a bliss; a piece of heaven on earth and I get that feeling/experience being in Bayu Guest House. With that, I shall now let the photos do the talking.


Sita room and the entrance to Rama room on the left at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
Behold, the Rama room (our crib for 2 nights) at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
A candid photo of the entrance to our Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
The Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali is clean and spacious
The big and comfortable bed in our Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali. If I may add, it’s suitable for couples who would love to have some privacy of their own
Lovely swans in our Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
The amenities in the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
Travel guides and more in the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
A choice of hot and cold beverages provided in the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
The Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali comes with a mini fridge with bottles of chilled Bintang beer and other beverages
The en-suite toilet of the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
Spacious bathroom in the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
Real hibiscus flowers add a touch of nature to the bathroom in the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
We love the adorable elephant towel in our Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
A shoe rack for guests to keep their shoes in the Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
The view from our Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali
The keys to our satisfactory Rama room at Bayu Guest House in Ubud, Bali


Bayu Guest House

Monkey Forest Street | Lane Mandia Bungalow
No.3, Ubud, Gianyar – Bali 80571, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 8123 888 599 / +62 8563 888 196
Email: info@bayuguesthouse.com

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  1. Hi cassiusjb, thanks for the comment. Actually, the toilet door was purposely left open when I took the photos so that we could not only see the bed itself, but the toilet as well as a part of the room. I was trying to portray a holistic view of the room in a single photo.

    Nonetheless, it's great to get photo tips from an experienced villa photographer as you. Thank you once again. 🙂

  2. The swan towels really make the shot. But one of my pet peeves as a villa photographer is open toilettes. It looks like they went to a lot of trouble to set everything up but missed that one detail.

  3. Indeed, it's wonderful to stay there for the reasons mentioned above. If you're in Ubud, do give Bayu Guest House a try. 🙂

  4. Looks like a great place to stay! 😀

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