4D/3N Backpacking Krabi – Fun & Adventurous (Part 1) : Glur Hostel @ Aonang (Part 1)

Krabi, Thailand – what is there not to love about this enchanting place? I fell in love with it the moment I laid my eyes on it from above, in the aeroplane. With its magnificent limestone cliffs, lush greenery and idyllic beaches, Krabi is a popular destination among travellers and adventure seekers like myself. 😀


Glur Hostel – The Preferred Hostel on Tripadvisor

During my fun-packed, 4 days 3 nights adventurous trip to Krabi, Thailand in July 2013, I stayed at Glur Hostel in Aonang and mark my words, it is no ordinary hostel. If you know me or have read my profile, I have a penchant for visiting or staying at accommodations or places which are unique; may it be décor, concept or environment which are usually affordably priced and is value for money – right down to the very last penny. 😉

Glur Hostel happens to catch my eye with its interesting concept and décor. I found out about this unique hostel through travellers’ review on Trip Advisor. It is ranked as #No.1 of 49 Speciality Lodging in Aonang on Trip Advisor and it has strong reasons for being so. With that, I booked my room at Glur Hostel on Booking.com with a peace of mind.


Shuttle Bus Ride From Krabi Airport To Glur Hostel

Getting there from the airport is really easy. First, by taxi which costs about 600 Baht per taxi/journey. Second, by shuttle bus which costs about 150 Baht per person. Both the taxi and shuttle bus will be waiting outside of the airport. Just inform the taxi driver/bus conductor your destination by telling him/her the name of your hostel/hotel and they’ll drop you off right in front of the property. 🙂

This Thai sentence was provided by the hostel management  for my convenience: “ เกลอ โฮสเทล ซอยอ่าวนาง 11/1 (ซอยกรีนวิว รีสอร์ท ตรงข้ามมัสยิดอ่าวนาง) เข้าซอยมา 200เมตร อยู่ขวามือ ”. It means “Glur Hostel. Soi (it means lane) Aonang 11/1 (or Soi Greenview Resort, opposite of Aonang mosque.) About 200 meters from the main street and on the right side.” I took the shuttle bus to Glur Hostel and I must say, I enjoyed the 20-30 minutes scenic ride very much.

I will tell you more about the hostel and the amazing room which I stayed in in my next few write-ups. Below are some photos of Glur Hostel and its surroundings. More photos and information will be shared in the next few write-ups so, do follow my blog closely.


The road to Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
The scenic limestone cliffs around Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
The pathway / bridge to the reception area of Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
The reception booth of Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi is beautifully decorated at every inch
The information / reading area of Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
The facilities available in the common area at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
Lush greenery at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi

Glur Hostel Aonang
591 Moo 2 Soi Ao-nang 11/1 Muang Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel: (66) 75 695 297
Mobile: (66) 89 001 3343
Fax: (66) 75 695 175
E-mail : booking@krabiglurhostel.com

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