4D/3N Backpacking Krabi – Fun & Adventurous (Part 1) : Glur Hostel @ Aonang (Part 4)

This is Part 4, the final write-up for in my personal opinion, one of the best backpackers hostels in Krabi, Thailand – Glur Hostel Aonang. To read the write-ups and see the photos from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, kindly click here – Glur Hostel @ Aonang, Krabi (Part 1), here – Glur Hostel @ Aonang, Krabi (Part 2) and here – Glur Hostel @ Aonang, Krabi (Part 3). 🙂 As promised, I will be sharing some information and more photos of the property’s surroundings and the shared bathroom.


Spacious & Clean Bathrooms/Toilets

Unlike the other shared bathrooms/toilets that I experienced before, this one requires no queuing at all! 😀 There is enough bath cubicles and toilets to go round for all. To my delight, it is clean and well-maintained by the hostel’s management. Hot/cold shower is available while liquid soap and shampoo are provided. Also, toilet papers are generously provided in each toilet cubicle.

There’s just one thing – the water pressure can be quite low sometimes especially when there are a lot of people using the bathrooms simultaneously. 🙁 Hopefully, the management will look into the matter and take steps to improve the water pressure problem. Also, it would be more convenient if hooks are fastened on the door/wall of each bath cubicle so that we are able to hang our clothes and towels instead of placing it on the flat wooden space provided which tends to get wet and damp after every shower – to my dismay.

Here is one thing that you should know about the bathrooms: since they are located outdoors, insects such as ants, beetles, grasshoppers, and not forgetting the mosquitoes can be seen roaming around in and out of the bathrooms however, that does not bother me or my sister at all. 😛 I still enjoy taking showers in the bath cubicles, cleverly avoiding those with creepy crawlies inside. Hence, the problem is solved! Now, below are more photos for your reference.


The walkway towards the roomsat Glur Hostel, Krabi. My sister and I love the amount of greenery in the area as it’s very pleasing to the eyes
More rooms/dormitories and cool chill-out areas at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
The shaded walkway towards the shared bathrooms/toilets at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
I love the quirky, bright coloured plastic stools along the path at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi! P/s: There are security cameras all over the vicinity except for in the bathrooms and rooms – I checked! 😉
The shared toilets and bathing cubicles at Glur Hostel are clean, well-maintained and in sufficient quantities. No queuing or fighting with fellow backpackers needed at all!
One of the many shared bathing cubicles and sinks at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi
Hot/cold shower is available, liquid soap and shampoo are provided at Glur Hostel in Aonang, Krabi


That’s all for my review of Glur Hostel Aonang – Krabi, Thailand. To sum it up, my 4D/3N stay at Glur Hostel was a pleasant one. 🙂 It is a pity that their famous sandwich market is closed for renovation during my stay there else I would love to sink my teeth in those mouth-watering sandwiches/burgers that are highly recommended by fellow backpackers/travellers who stayed there before. My sister and I love Glur Hostel very much and we hope you will too. Do bookmark and follow my blog for more information and photos of my travels. Happy travels!


Glur Hostel Aonang
591 Moo 2 Soi Ao-nang 11/1 Muang Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel: (66) 75 695 297
Mobile: (66) 89 001 3343
Fax: (66) 75 695 175
E-mail : booking@krabiglurhostel.com

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  1. FIRDA says: Reply

    nice place, how much?

    1. Hi Firda,

      In total, we paid THB 2,400 for a 3-night stay at Glur Hostel, booked via Booking.com back in 2013.
      Hope that helps and safe travels to you. 🙂

      Best regards,

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