Malaysian Passport Visa-Free Countries List

        In the midst of planning for my next travel destination, the one thing that I need to take into consideration before stepping foot into a country, is to determine whether or not I need to apply for a visa. After doing some research, I found some valuable information on the visa-free countries (or visa-on-arrival) we Malaysians can visit. Therefore, the information that I am sharing in this post is the list of countries a valid Malaysian passport with biometric chip can visit without a visa (or visa-on-arrival), and for how long one can stay in a particular country.

If you have a valid Malaysian passport with biometric chip, you can basically visit the countries listed below without getting a visa, and the length of your stay before your trip. Do take note that the list provided here serves only as a guide. Kindly take the initiative to check and confirm with the respective embassy or consulate of the country you will be visiting to avoid having any unnecessary travel problems as the information is subjected to change with time and unforeseen circumstances.












For an official, full & updated details, you may refer to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia here:

I hope the information provided here helps you in one way or another in planning for your trip abroad. Do bookmark and follow my blog for more travel tips and to read about my travels. Have fun planning your holidays and happy travels!

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