4D/3N Backpacking Bali (Part 5) : Sate Babi Warung Pak Ngurah @ Bali

        When in Bali, one of the local food that you must try is the sate babi; tender, juicy, flavourful, marinated pork meat skewered on bamboo sticks and charcoal-grilled to perfection. It is usually served with steamed rice dumpling and a type of spicy sauce made of chopped chillies, sugar and salt. A seemingly simple yet deliciously fulfilling dish, this one-of-a-kind dish is enjoyed by all, both the locals and tourists.

        On our journey to Ulundanu Beratan, we made a pit stop for a quick sate babi lunch at Warung Pak Ngurah. The aroma of grilled meat and smoke filled the air and engulfed our lungs as we made our way to the stall by the roadside. Many people, mostly locals were seen eating or buying Pak Ngurah’s delicious sate babi when we arrived. My sister and I were feeling very hungry so we wasted no time and proceeded to secure a table (Japanese style seating – on the floor), placed our order and patiently wait for our food to arrive.

        A typical serving consists 10 sticks of sate, some steamed rice dumpling and its sauce at the side. We also ordered a chilled coconut drink each to accompany the spicy dish. And our verdict? It was love at first bite! The well marinated meat was juicy and tender. It tastes good and goes exceptionally well with its special sauce. Unlike the spicy groundnut sauce or ‘kuah kacang’ we used to eat sate with in Malaysia, Balinese‘s spicy sauce is unique, in fact it tastes better. The aromatic, smoky taste of the grilled meat is enhanced by the spicy, sweet and saltiness taste of the sauce, making it a perfect, irresistible combo that makes us wanting to go back for more.

        The owner of the stall was kind and generous. He gave us extra sticks of sate to munch on when we left the stall. In a nut shell, the food was good and it does not cost much at all. The downside of it is, it is hot and smoky inside the stall so, there is a high chance that you come out drenched in sweat and smelling like sate after your dining experience. To be honest, we did smell like smoked sate afterwards but that does not bother us at all for it is worth for the unique gastronomic experience we got. I shall now let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

We were here for our gastronomic sate babi experience
Many locals were seen eating or buying sate
Thumbs up for Pak Ngurah’s sate
The owner of the stall posing for a photo
The best sate is cooked this way – the traditional way over a charcoal stove
It is uncommon to see such a sight these days
Fancy munching on some groundnuts while waiting for your sate?
P/s: Bali has the best roasted groundnuts I have ever tasted!
A must have with the spicy sate is chilled coconut drink
It takes both the heat and spiciness away
We are happy to have eaten good sate babi in Bali

The details of the sate stall can be found in the second and third photos.
Happy travels!

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