Backpacking Bromo & Ijen Without A Tour (Part 4) : Basic Double Room at Kampung Osing Inn

After spending approximately 7 hours travelling on the train from Surabaya Gubeng Train Station, my sister and I arrived safely at Karangasem Train Station in Banyuwangi at around 8pm. Ganda of Kampung Osing Inn met us at the train station and brought us to his homestay to rest and prepare for our Kawah Ijen blue fire midnight tour happening later that night. 😀


Wet & Rainy Nights in Banyuwangi

It was raining cats and dogs when we arrived at Karangasem Train Station, Banyuwangi. Despite the cold and confusion, Ganda welcomed us with a warm smile and an umbrella. From the wet and crowded train station, we took refuge in his vehicle and made our way to his homestayKampung Osing Inn.

Because it was dark and raining heavily, I was unable to use my camera to take photos at the train station. In fact, my sister and I did not take any photos of the homestay too because we were exhausted from the long journey on the train and all we wanted to do at that time was to have a shower and get some good night’s sleep before midnight.

Therefore, the photos you see on this blog post except for those with my watermark were taken from Kampung Osing Inn’s photo album available on Facebook. 🙂


The newly renovated reception area of Kampung Osing Inn in Banyuwangi, East Java
The spacious courtyard for guests to unwind at Kampung Osing Inn in Banyuwangi, East Java


Basic Double Room at Kampung Osing Inn

Kampung Osing Inn is a homestay run by Ganda, an engineering graduate in the rustic village of Banyuwangi, East Java. The homestay is surrounded by village houses, scenic paddy fields and greenery that stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Besides offering basic rooms to visitors to spend the night in the village, Kampung Osing Inn also offers a variety of interesting tours and activities for visitors to participate in such as rice farming, crop harvesting, fishing, cooking, and the most popular activity of all – Kawah Ijen blue fire midnight tour. 😀

I booked a basic double room at Kampung Osing Inn after having read the good reviews left by travellers on TripAdvisor. Our basic room for two with shared bathroom costs Rp. 120,000 a night. Breakfast is complimentary. The room had a window, a mirror on the wall and a fan.

Overall, it was a cosy and comfortable room for my sister and I to sleep in for a couple of hours before we start our Kawah Ijen blue fire midnight tour that starts at 12am. For your info, there is also a Kawah Ijen sunset tour that starts at 12pm. 😉


The living area/common room of Kampung Osing Inn, Banyuwangi
The basic double room at at Kampung Osing Inn, Banyuwangi


Of Shared Bathrooms, A Freezing Cold Shower & Decent Facilites

Before we went to bed, my sister and I took turns to have a shower in one of the shared bathrooms available at Kampung Osing Inn. Despite the clean bathrooms and decent facilities available, do take note that there is no hot shower facility at the homestay.

Thanks to the heavy rain, it was an icy cold night and the water was freezing! 😛 Despite that, we braved the cold and had a quick shower before jumping in the bed and locked ourselves in the room. The soothing sound of the pitter patter raindrops on the zinc roof put us in a relaxed mood. It was not long before my sister and I fell asleep and dozed off into dreamland…


Do take note that there is no hot shower facility at Kampung Osing Inn, Banyuwangi
One of the shared bathrooms/toilets at Kampung Osing Inn, Banyuwangi


Kampung Osing Inn

Address: Jalan Watu Ulo, Bakungan, RT 02 / RW 02, Banyuwangi 68431, East Java, Indonesia

Mobile: +62 878 527 38711



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