4D/3N Backpacking Siem Reap : Quad Bike Sunset Tour With Quad Adventure

Who does not love the feeling of speeding off at great speeds; having the wind rushing through our face and adrenalin pumping vigorously through our veins in excitement? Adventure/thrill seeking enthusiasts would definitely love to give this fun activity – quad biking in Siem Reap, Cambodia a try!


The No.1 Thing To Do In Siem Reap, Cambodia

Ranked No.1 by travellers on TripAdvisor, quad biking through the rustic and idyllic countryside of Siem Reap is a must do activity when one is in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It provides a great way to escape the bustling city and see another side of Siem Reap without the crowds.

My sister and I have always wanted to ride a quad bike but never had the chance, therefore when I found out that we can do so on our trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, I immediately booked us for the sunset tour provided by Quad Adventure Cambodia Siem Reap.

The sunset tour package takes one through 16 kilometres of the Cambodian countryside, approximately 1-hour plus journey and ends the journey with a spectacular view of the setting sun as it dips below the rice fields. It costs USD30 per person and is suitable for first timers like my sister and I. A shared quad bike costs USD40 per pair.

The sunset tour route marked in green


A Safety Briefing & Off We Go!

Our sunset tour kicked-off late in the afternoon. We were picked up at our guesthouse by a tuk tuk provided by Quad Adventure Cambodia at 4.30pm. We were told beforehand to wear proper attire and covered shoes for comfort and safety.

Upon our arrival, we were taken to our individual quad-bikes and given a short safety briefing that includes how to operate the quad bike, how to break in case of an emergency, basic road safety and the Cambodian traffic rules and regulations. Basically, it is similar to driving a car with handlebars or riding a bike on four wheels, whichever makes sense to you. Fyi, Cambodians drive on the right side of the road.

Before we begin our adventure, each of us was given a helmet and a face mask to keep us from inhaling the dust off dusty roads (due to the dry season) or from consuming flying insects in the air. We were also assigned an experienced guide each. After doing a test run, we were ready to take our quad bikes into the Cambodian countryside!

Quad bikes waiting to rumble
Here we go!


Vroom, vroom!!

A Fascinating Ride Back In Time

We begin our journey by driving smoothly on the paved tarmac road, bypassing rows of shophouses and buildings in the city centre of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The scenery changed the moment we went off-road onto the dusty, unpaved red earth trail of the Cambodian countryside.

We zoomed past villages, sacred temples and remnants of the ancient Khmer empire at a safe and comfortable speed. The villagers were going about their daily activities, occasionally waving their hands at us while the children smiled happily as we drove past them.

We rode past barren rice fields and spotted some water buffaloes lazing on the fields. It was pleasant to the eyes to see simple bamboo houses scattered along the road. The villagers led a simple lifestyle and grow their own food that consists of rice, potatoes, and green leafy vegetables. They catch fish, water beetles and even snakes in nearby ponds or rivers and cook their food on makeshift stoves, fuelled by firewood collected around the village.


Care to race? Eat dust, yo!


Moo…says Maurice, the water buffalo


A candid moment in Cambodia


Common structures in the Cambodian countryside


A fruit stall


Snacks and other items on sale

Hot Air Balloon & Cambodian Sunset On The Rice Fields

Halfway through the journey, my sister and I made a stop at a Cambodian temple as instructed by our guides. We were told that the ashes of the deceased are kept in the shrines (stupas) behind the temple. We continued our journey to catch the setting sun in the Cambodian countryside. We drove over a river and passed by a herd of water buffaloes being herded back to the village for nightfall. The children were playing by the road, and even on the trees.

We had lots of fun quad biking over the uneven, bumpy terrain and grassy fields so much that I could not stop laughing. It was not long before my sister challenged me to a race, speeds off and left me behind in a trail of dust! My best memory would be losing control of the handlebars and driving straight into a ditch, but not to worry because the vehicle was undamaged and I was uninjured! I had a good laugh over it though! 😛

We arrived at our destination just before the sun began to disappear into the horizon and enjoyed the beautiful sunset in peace. We screamed in excitement when we spotted a huge hot air balloon floating gracefully through the crimson coloured sky and managed to take a photo with it. What a wonderful experience it was. After that, we drove back to the city, hopped on a tuk tuk and went back to our guesthouse to rest and have our dinner.

A unique arch


The sacred temple


The ashes of the deceased are kept in shrines/stupas like these


A typical Cambodian house in the countryside


Villagers watering the vegetables on their farm


I’d love to stay in one of these houses!


A common sight in the evenings – water buffaloes being herded back to the village


Children playing in the trees, can you spot them?


Adorable little Cambodians greeted us with a smile
Simple and carefree – those were the good old days

Advice To Quad Bike Beginners

Start by taking a much shorter route – in this case, the sunset tour is highly suitable for beginners. The reason is because we use one thumb to control the lever/speed of the quad bikes. The quad bike stops moving when we let go the lever. Our thumbs went numb after a period of time, and that was only a 1-hour plus ride. We had sore thumbs afterwards, but the unforgettable experience made up for it! In a nut shell, just have fun and enjoy the ride – dust, wind, water, and all!

Green rice fields breaks the monotone of the dry countryside


Whizzing through mud puddles on a quad bike was FUN!!


A hot air balloon spotted in the air!
One for the memories 🙂


A beautiful Cambodian sunset


One of life’s pleasures is to watch and enjoy a sunset


Back to our guesthouse – tired but happy

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