4D/3N Backpacking Krabi (Relaxation & Solitude – Part 6) : Enjoying the Sunset & Happy Hour Cocktails at Flame Tree Railay – Of Reggae Bars, Hippies & Marijuana

There’s no better way to end the day by watching one of nature’s most spectacular displays – the sunset. 😀 Therefore, my stay in Krabi would not be complete without watching the spectacular ball of fire disappear into the horizon as I laze by the beach, illuminated by the soft light from the kerosene lamp with a cocktail in hand.


Exploring Beautiful Railay Beach

After spending the day learning how to cook authentic Thai dishes with Railay Cooking Class and lazing on the bamboo platform/tree house jutting out towards the sea at Tew Lay Bar, it was time for me to make a move back to Railay beach and subsequently, Tonsai beach to retire for the night.

From the end of Railay East, I made my way back to Railay West in order to catch a long-tail boat ride back to Tonsai. Unlike the quiet, sleepy morning which I encountered earlier, the entire Railay was now teaming with activities and people both local and visitors going about their business.

I took the time to enjoy the sights before me as I strolled leisurely along the walkway. A variety of Reggae bars, Thai and Western cuisine restaurants, art and souvenir shops littered the way. Trees and flowering plants provide shade besides enhancing the sights.


Shady trees and flowering plants like these provide shade besides enhancing the sights in Railay, Krabi
A common scene on Railay beach, Krabi during sunset


Of Reggae Bars, Hippies & Marijuana

Throughout my backpacking travels, I have encountered numerous individuals that drink, smoke and/or take drugs for leisure. I believe and respect that it is one’s personal choice to live the lifestyle that they chose and that we have no right to judge their choice of lifestyle. During my short stint in Krabi, I met a friendly and nice person who introduced me to the experience of smoking marijuana.

Krabi being a backpacker’s paradise, I knew of such activities happening but have yet to see it with my own eyes or experience it for myself. The person I met had marijuana, but did not know how to roll it. Together, we went into an inviting Reggae bar located along the beach. There, the kind bartender helped to roll the marijuana into a cigarette called a joint or nail. 😀

After that, the cigarette was lit up and the individual was happily puffing away while we chatted to pass the time. I was offered a puff, but declined the offer simply because it is my personal choice not to engage in smoking or taking drugs of any sorts. Nevertheless, I was happy to have had the experience of seeing what marijuana looks like, learning how to roll a joint and got a little whiff of the hovering marijuana smoke.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage or discourage the smoking of marijuana. It is one’s personal choice whether to engage or not in the activity according to one’s beliefs and lifestyle


Visitors enjoying the view and picturesque scenery of Railay beach, Krabi


An Awe-Inspiring Sunset & Happy Hour Cocktails at Flame Tree Railay

After that insightful experience, my new friend and I made our way towards Railay beach to watch the sunset. Once there, we spotted several inviting Thai mats laid on the soft sand that provided the perfect spot to watch the sunset and were drawn to sit on it. 😀

Once we sat at our preferred spot, a waitress came offering happy hour cocktails and a variety of foods to us. Priced at THB70 each, we ordered a glass of mai tai and pina colada. Later, I found out that the spot belongs to Flame Tree Railay, a beach bar/restaurant located on the beach.

Upon my research, many visitors frequent the place for its pancakes and happy hour cocktails, not to mention its strategic location by the beach to watch the sunset. Visitors have the option to dine in their restaurant or on Thai mats placed strategically on the sand/beach, illuminated by the light from the kerosene lamps.

In a nutshell, we ended our day by lazing on the beach, sipping cocktails as we enjoyed the awe-inspiring sunset in the horizon. It was both a romantic and memorable experience of my time in Railay, Krabi. After that, I took a long-tail boat ride back to Tonsai for dinner and a good night’s sleep in my bungalow hut.


Erika getting comfortable on the Thai mat laid on the soft sand while waiting to watch the sunset at Railay beach, Krabi
There’s no better way to enjoy the sunset than sitting on the soft sand of the beach with a chilled beer/cocktail in hand @ Flame Tree Railay
Our happy hour mai tai and pina colada (THB70 each) and sunset on Railay beach, Krabi
An awe-inspiring sunset at Railay beach, Krabi
Get cosy on a Thai mat placed on the soft sand of the beach and drink beer or sip cocktails while enjoying the awe-inspiring sunset in the horizon @ Flame Tree Railay. Krabi
The soft light illuminating from individual kerosene lamps created a romantic setting @ Flame Tree Railay, Krabi


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