5D/4N Backpacking London Without A Tour – Free & Easy (Part 7) : Healthy & Affordable Food & Beverages at Pret A Manger

When my sister and I were in London, we tried as much as we can to savour the local food. However, we found ourselves dining and spending most of our time at one particular place – Pret A Manger. 😀 This sandwich and coffee shop serves gourmet ready-to-eat food that is both nutritious and affordably priced, making it a favourite joint among the locals and visitors to London and the United Kingdom.


Delicious & Healthy Food at an Affordable Price

As we found out, Pret A Manger serves freshly made ready-to-eat food such as sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, soups, salads, and even sushi starting from £2.99. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available. 😉

Besides that, they also serve a variety of hot meals starting at £3.99 such as macaroni and cheese, pesto chicken brioche, red thai chicken curry quinoa rice, tuna melt toastie and more. My sister and I love their snacks and desserts too especially the fresh fruit salad, cheesecakes, and potato chips.

Their hot and cold beverage menu is pretty impressive as well – serving a variety of organic coffee and tea, hot chocolate, fresh fruit juices, smoothies and more starting from £1.60. Our favourite was the Christmas edition mint hot chocolate drink with cream. The warmth from the cup of hot chocolate in our hands and aromatic minty flavour of the hot chocolate instantly lifts up our mood and comforts us from the chilly cold outside. Ahh…bliss.


Pret A Manger nearby the Tower of London, UK
A cosy and comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their meals at Pret A Manger, London
Freshly made ready-to-eat sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, soups, salads, and even sushi starting from £2.99 at Pret A Manger, London
For your info, Pret A Manger donates their unsold food to charity (orphanages, homeless people, etc) rather than keeping it to sell the next day. Thumbs up for that!
Desserts, fresh fruits and salads on sale at Pret A Manger, London


Cosy & Convenient, But Lack of Toilets for Customers

With over 290 Pret shops in London and the United Kingdom alone (possibly even more), Pret A Manger is available almost everywhere in London, especially nearby places of interests such as the Tower of London and Trafalgar Square to name a few. Therefore, it is not difficult to spot a Pret shop nearby wherever we are.

This brilliant convenience is something my sister and I appreciate. In the midst of a busy sightseeing schedule, my sister and I look forward to a place to rest while we enjoy warm and satisfying meals in a cosy and conducive environment. Pret A Manger is the answer to our question. The free Wifi is especially helpful to tourists/visitors. The staffs were friendly too.

The only thing my sister and I would like to comment is the lack of toilets at the shops. The few Pret shops we visited only had toilets for their staffs, not for the customers. 🙁 One time, I had to dash across to the nearest public toilet from the Pret shop we were enjoying our meal on a cold day at Trafalgar Square just to relieve myself – a memory I will remember forever.


Mint hot chocolate drink for a cold and wet day in London, UK
Macaroni cauliflower cheese with bacon at Pret A Manger, London
Erika enjoying her fresh fruit salad at Pret A Manger, London
Erika & Eva treated themselves to another cup of mint hot chocolate, lemon cheesecake and potato chips from Pret A Manger, London


In a Nutshell

To find healthy and affordably priced ready-to-eat food and beverages and dine in a comfortable and cosy setting in London, United Kingdom is a gem. With a wide variety of food and beverages to choose from at Pret A Manger, my sister and I kept going back to a Pret shop to have our meals during our time in London, United Kingdom.

And the best part is, we get to save money while indulging in healthy food and beverages – our mother approves! 😉 In addition, Pret A Manger donates their unsold food to charity (orphanages, homeless people, etc) rather than keeping it to sell the next day. That is one big generous heart and initiative for the win and, that is why we support Pret A Manger.


Visit Pret A Manger’s official website here for more info.

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