5D/4N Backpacking London Without A Tour – Free & Easy (Part 10) : Bed in a 8-Bed Mixed Shared Dorm with Shared Bathrooms at Generator Hostel London (Part 1)

Staying in London, United Kingdom is an expensive affair, therefore staying in hostels is the best way to save money. My sister and I decided to stay at 2 separate hostels located nearby public transport and the places of interests in London, United Kingdom. That way, we not only save money on accommodation, but on transportation as well. 😉

We used Booking.com to book our hostels in London, United Kingdom because not only does it offers the best price, it has beneficial features too such as book now, pay later and free cancelation. If you take a look at my 5D/4N Backpacking London Travel Itinerary, I divided my itinerary into 2 areas in London East London and Central London.


Generator Hostel in Tavistock Place, Central London

The second hostel we stayed in London, United Kingdom was Generator Hostel. This one-of-a-kind luxury boutique hostel is located in Tavistock Place, Central London. The hostel is just a stroll away from Russell Square train station and nearby places of interests includes Covent Garden, Regents Park and the British Museum. 😀

In the beginning, we took quite some time to locate Generator Hostel London despite having a map and directions to the hostel because the building is well-hidden behind residential buildings with only a quiet cobbled path/alley leading to the entrance of the hostel.

Generator Hostel London boasts friendly and helpful staff, free WiFi, 24-hour reception, bar, café, chill-out areas, cinema room, tour desk, travel shop, luggage storage, laundry, and more. Breakfast costs £4.50 per person, per night.


The Generator Hostel London building is well-hidden behind residential buildings with only a quiet cobbled path/alley leading to the entrance of the hostel
Residential buildings in Tavistock Place, Russell Square, Camden, Central London
The well-hidden alley leading to the entrance of Generator Hostel London
The quiet cobbled path/alley leading to Generator Hostel London


Affordable Luxury & Strategic Location

My sister and I chose to stay at Generator Hostel London for its cheap, comfortable and affordably priced shared and private rooms. Another reason is for its strategic location being close to public transport and various places of interests that are within walking distance in Central London. 😀

Basically, there are 2 types of rooms available at Generator Hostel London – private and shared rooms. The private rooms are divided into twin rooms with either en-suite or shared bathrooms and triple or quad rooms with shared bathrooms.

The shared rooms with shared bathrooms are divided into 4, 6, 8, or 12-bed mixed rooms. There is also a 12-bed female only shared room. The private rooms are priced from £75.00 a night, whereas the shared room are priced from £19.00 a night.

For your info, Generator Hostel is the fastest growing hostel brand in Europe because they offer affordable luxury and awe-inspiring social experiences to travellers and locals in Europe’s top cities – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Rome, Venice, Paris, Stockholm, and more to come.


Generator Hostel at 37 Tavistock Place, Russell Square, Camden, London
One of the many chill-out areas at Generator Hostel London
A filming activity going on in the lobby/reception area of Generator Hostel London
The elevator on the second floor of Generator Hostel London
The second floor of Generator Hostel London


2 Nights Stay in the 8-Bed Mixed Shared Dormitory with Shared Bathrooms

Checking-in our room at Generator Hostel London was a smooth and fuss-free experience. After we got our key cards, we made our way up to second floor via the elevator and located our dormitory room numbered 230 in a labyrinth of corridors – oh boy, what an experience it was!

In our 8-bed mixed shared dormitory room, the bunk beds are numbered. My sister and I were given bunk beds numbered 1 and 2, nearby the window and a water dispenser in the room. The other beds were occupied by a bunch of friendly European students who were undergoing a short-term bartending course in London. How cool is that! 😀

The bed sheets, duvets and pillows were clean. We kept our belongings secured in the cupboard under the bunk bed. In general, the room was clean albeit a little messy. Free WiFi is available throughout the hostel and in the rooms too. Overall, our 2 night’s stay in the 8-bed mixed shared dormitory room with shared bathrooms at Generator Hostel London costs a total of £84.


A labyrinth of corridors and rooms at Generator Hostel London
Our 8-bed mixed shared dormitory room with shared bathrooms numbered 230 at Generator Hostel London
Erika & Eva’s bunk beds numbered 1 and 2 in the 8-bed mixed shared dormitory room with shared bathrooms at Generator Hostel London
Bunk beds in the 8-bed mixed shared dormitory room with shared bathrooms at Generator Hostel London
The Generator Hostel London key cards act as souvenirs after the trip


Obnoxious Dorm-Mates from Hell

Do not get us wrong, our dorm-mates were really nice and considerate people especially the bunch of European students. Our only complaint goes to the occupants of bunk beds numbered 3 and 6 – a Chinese male in his 40’s and another Indian male in his 20’s.

The older man shamelessly changed his clothes in front of us a couple of times and slept in bed in his underwear (which is not a pleasant sight at all by the way), while the younger man used my mobile phone charger without permission. He even hung his wet towel to dry on my side of the bed. Unbelievable!! 🙁

Luckily, my sister and I were in a good mood else we will definitely retaliate and give them a taste of their own medicine. Obnoxious people like them do not deserve to stay in a hostel because they do not have common courtesy or respect towards the other guests in the shared room. We hope we do not meet more of such inconsiderate people during our travels.


Generator Hostel London

Address: 37 Tavistock Place, London, England, WC1H 9SE

Phone: +44 (0)20 7388 7666

Email: london@generatorhostels.com


Up next: Exploring the hostel – Of shared bathrooms, a stylish bar, café, chill-out areas, and more!

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