New Zealand Working Holiday (Part 34) : 360° Breathtaking View at Taupo View Lookout, Taupo

If I have time to visit only one place in Taupo, New Zealand, it has to be Taupo View Lookout. This lookout offers an incredible panoramic view of Taupo city, the Great Lake Taupo and its surroundings. We stumbled upon the lookout by chance, during our way to Huka Falls from Taupo town. 🙂


Taupo View Lookout – A Panoramic View of Taupo & the Great Lake Taupo

Taupo View Lookout is located just by the roadside, along the Thermal Explorer Highway, somewhere between Taupo city centre to Huka Falls, Taupo. Keep your eyes open for the lookout, you cannot possibly miss it. 😉 Visitors to Taupo flock the lookout point to take a break from their journey, enjoy the scenery and/or have a picnic on the green grass. There are several coin operated binoculars, also known as tower viewers for those that wish to have a closer look at the scenery or objects before them.

I am glad we stopped at the Taupo View Lookout before we carried on with our journey or else we would be missing out such an incredible view before us. So, if you happen to be in Taupo, New Zealand, be sure to visit the lookout and enjoy the scenery – you will not regret it. 😀


Enjoy an incredible panoramic view of Taupo city, the Great Lake Taupo and its surroundings at Taupo View Lookout
Erika and Tony at Taupo View Lookout, Taupo <3


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