3rd Prize Winner of #iheartmalaysia Twitter Contest during 53rd Merdeka Celebrations

In conjunction with the 53rd Merdeka Day celebrations, R.AGE – The Star’s youth portal organised a #iheartmalaysia Twitter contest for Malaysians to express their love for the nation; not by creating huge banners or placards, but by just moving their fingers and sending a tweet. 😀

Besides mobilising Malay­sians to shout out their love for the country, the #iheartmalaysia Twitter contest also aimed to create enough buzz on “Twitterverse” and had the hashtag became a trending topic among Twitter users worldwide.


#iheartmalaysia Twitter Contest

The Twitter contest was organised and ran for only a day on 31st August 2010. To participate, participants had to tweet their love for anything and everything Malaysian using the #iheartmalaysia hashtag. Participants were allowed to tweet as many tweets as they like to stand a chance at winning one of the many attractive prizes. 😉

The prizes for the contest include a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3, Topshop/Topman vouchers, Starbucks beverage vouchers and merchandise, Random­Alphabets. com I Heart KL T-shirt and Golden Screen Cinema movie passes. To qualify for the contest, participants had to follow R.AGE on Twitter.

For more details about the contest, visit R.AGE’s official website here.


Erika’s winning entry/tweet for #iheartmalaysia Twitter contest organised by R.AGE – The Star’s youth portal


3rd Prize Winner – @ErikaToh

I was feeling patriotic and decided to join the contest for fun. My winning entry/tweet was:


#iheartmalaysia cause we beraya bersama-sama, holiday together-gether, dapat banyak duit raya & always looking out for each other – MERDEKA!


Several days later, I received good news that I was the 3rd Prize Winner of R.AGE’s Twitter Contest and the rest they say was history. I went to Menara Star, met Ian Yee and happily collected my prize from him. It was one of the best moments in my life and I was grateful for it. 😀


#iheartmalaysia Twitter Contest Top 3 Winners announcement published on R.AGE – The Star’s website
#iheartmalaysia Twitter contest winners announcement in R.AGE – The Star newspaper
The 3rd prize for #iheartmalaysia Twitter contest organised by R.AGE – The Star Newspaper


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