4D/3N Backpacking Mui Ne Without A Tour (Part 5) : Saigon Cafe Guesthouse (Part 2)

As my sister and I lay half awake on the soft warm bed, enjoying the chills of the light rain in harmony with the soothing serenade of the waves, we heard the cock crowing proudly in the distance; signalling us to wake up and get ready for the sunrise by the beach. That nostalgic moment reminded me of the time when my family and I stayed in a village by the sea, about 20 years ago where we had nature’s alarm clock to tell us the time. 🙂


A Beautiful Sunrise & A Refreshing Stroll By The Beach

Wasting no time, my sister and I got ready and made our way down to the beach located several metres away from our room. It was a chilly breezy morning for it rained the night before. Thankfully, the rain stopped raining just in time for us to enjoy the sunrise by the beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam.

That morning, we had strong gusty winds coming from the South China Sea. Because of that, the waves were rough and huge. Despite that, the fearless fishermen were seen fishing in the rough sea in their distinctive bright blue circular boats – a sight uniquely Mui Ne, Vietnam. I have to say, the fishermen bobbing up and down the waves in their adorable boats looked rather adorable! 😀

After witnessing the sunrise, we decided to go for a stroll along the beach. As we were walking along the beach, what we thought were raindrops were actually tiny water droplets from the waves that crashed onshore. My sister and I enjoyed the occasional salt-water spray as we explored a bunch of the circular boats nearby. We could not resist taking several selfies with those boats.


A lovely morning view from our room window at Saigon Cafe Guesthouse, Mui Ne
The morning sky at Mui Ne, Vietnam
The silhouette of towering coconut palm trees in the morning at Mui Ne, Vietnam
Sunrise by the beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam at Saigon Cafe Guesthouse
One of the circular fishing boats on the private beach of Saigon Cafe Guesthouse, Mui Ne
The stretch of beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam
Aren’t these circular fishing boats adorable? It is a sight uniquely Mui Ne, Vietnam
Eva, Erika & the unique circular fishing boats of Mui Ne, Vietnam
A coral washed ashore on the beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam


The Perfect Setting For Beautiful Memorable Photographs

If you noticed, my sister and I love to take photographs of the places we go for memories. Well, most people do. The only difference is we took the effort to dress up, look good and capture our feel good moments in beautiful photographs. 😀

To us, a holiday is supposed to be a getaway from our everyday life, a chance for us to look and feel good than most of our mundane days. With those beautiful and memorable photographs we took, we will be able to look back at our travels with a sense of satisfaction and a huge smile on our face as we share our travels with our children or grandchildren in the future, inspiring them to do the same.

As I was saying, Saigon Café Gueshouse has one of the most beautiful settings in Mui Ne, Vietnam; on par if not better than those 4 or 5 star-rated resorts within the area. One of the reason is it has its own private beach that comes with several lovely attap huts and wooden deck chairs for guests to laze about on the beach. The other is the fact that the guesthouse is surrounded by lush greenery and countless coconut palm trees give it an exotic Caribbean-like feel – all this privilege and luxury for an affordable price you and I could afford without burning a hole in our pockets! This is what Erika & Eva Toh Travels is all about! 😉


A stunning view with 2 beauties and a beautiful setting for a memorable photo on the rooftop of Saigon Cafe Guesthouse in Mui Ne, Vietnam
Erika dancing on the rooftop at Saigon Cafe Guesthouse in Mui Ne, Vietnam <3
The path from the rooms towards the private beach at the back of Saigon Cafe Guesthouse, Mui Ne
Pretty carps swimming in unison in the pond
The common area for guests to enjoy their meal or time with loved ones
The scenic and shady garden path to the private beach of Saigon Cafe Guesthouse in Mui Ne, Vietnam
The view of the garden path from the beach at Saigon Cafe Guesthouse, Mui Ne
To the beach in Mui Ne!!
Private beach, attap huts and wooden deck chairs to ourselves at Saigon Cafe Guesthouse, Mui Ne
Our lovely spot on the private beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam
At the beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam


Fresh Coconut Drink, The Sea Breeze, The Ocean & Only Us

What is a relaxation by the beach without enjoying a fresh coconut drink? Or some would prefer a glass of cocktail or a bottle of beer, or two. 😉 My sister and I enjoyed a coconut drink each as we laze on our wooden deck chairs by the beach, enjoying the gentle sea breeze. It was a lovely morning, there were no other guests in sight and we had the entire private beach to our own. How lovely!

Remember me saying that the place poses the perfect setting for taking beautiful photographs? Well, my sister and I took the opportunity to snap several memorable photographs of our own and we were very pleased with how the photographs turned out to be. After that, we went to café to have a simple vegan lunch of rice and stir-fried French beans with tofu; a humble but tasty dish nonetheless. With our stomachs full and souls happy, we were ready for our next adventure!


Our little piece of paradise in Mui Ne, Vietnam <3
Attap huts and wooden deck chairs on the private beach of Saigon Cafe Guesthouse, Mui Ne, Vietnam
Doing what I do and love best; enjoying every moment to the fullest!
Erika & Eva relaxing on the beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam
A memorable photo of my wonderful time at Saigon Cafe Guesthouse in Mui Ne, Vietnam
Cheers from Erika from the beach of Mui Ne, Vietnam


Up next: US Jeep sunset private tour to the Fairy Springs, fishing village, the white sand dunes and red sand dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam

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  1. Nina says: Reply

    Hai Erika,

    So sad to heard about your camera, btw thanks for reply.
    I’m planning to visit HCMC and Mui Ne around April, and your blog has become a huge help to me. Consider Saigon guest house for my 1 night stay in Mui Ne, did you find/saw any lizard in the guest house (because i has phobia) ?

    1. Hi Nina,

      So far, we didn’t see any lizards around during our stay there. But, there we did see several rats running around the premises. The stench of rat urine is something you might want to be aware of though.

      With that, I wish you happy travels and enjoy your trip to HCMC and Mui Ne!
      Cheers! =)

  2. Nina says: Reply

    Hai, what camera that you used to take a picture?

    1. Hi Nina,

      I used my trusty Olympus PEN E-PL1 and Samsung Galaxy S3 to take my travel photos. However, the sand storm and rain ruined my camera after the trip to the sand dunes in Mui Ne, Vietnam. =(

      Now, I have my trusty Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and GoPro HERO4 to document my travels in New Zealand and beyond. =)

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