3D/2N Backpacking Santorini Without A Tour (Part 9) : Memories Of Oia, Sightseeing In Fira & Delicious Chillbox Greek Frozen Yoghurt Ice-Cream

 The morning after we visited the Black Sand Beach of Perissa, my sister and I packed our belongings and checked out of our room before 12pm. Read my review of our Captain’s Budget Studio for 2 at Maryloujohn Villas (Part 1) here and (Part 2) here. John was kind enough to allow us to store our belongings at the villa for several hours while we went for a walk around the area. 😀


One Last Stroll In Peaceful, Beautiful Oia

We were scheduled to take the night flight back to Athens, therefore there was still time for us to take one last stroll and enjoy our remaining time in Oia, Santorini. We even took the opportunity to pose and snap some pretty amazing photos for memories. 😉

As mentioned in my earlier blog posts, Santorini receives the least visitors during the cold autumn-winter months. For that reason, we had an enjoyable time taking photographs without being photobombed by anyone or anything. It was something we were grateful of. To read my travel guide to Santorini, click here.

The good thing about visiting the island during summer is that all hotels, guesthouses, tour operators as well as restaurants and cafes will be open for business. So, generally one will have more options to choose from as compared to during autumn when Santorini island is quiet.

The not so good thing is the island will be overcrowded with people and donkeys too! Weigh both situations and choose when you would like to travel to Santorini wisely as it will either make or break your holiday. The following are the remaining photos of Oia for memories. 😀 To have a look at the spectacular sunset in Oia, click here. To view photos of the beautiful sunrise in Oia, click here.


One of the many maze-like cobbled paths on the terraced cliff of Oia, Santorini
Lost in a labyrinth of cobbled paths along the steep terraced cliff in Oia ♡
A spacious playground in Oia, Santorini
Beautiful blue skies and white-washed buildings in Oia, Santorini
Sit back and relax in paradise – Oia, Santorini
The two bells of Oia, Santorini
The terraced cliff of Oia, Santorini
There are many cosy spots like this to bask under the sun in Oia, Santorini
Like a page out of a romantic fairytale ♡
Lovely souvenirs on sale in Oia, Santorini
Unique glassware on sale in Oia, Santorini
Pottery in Oia, Santorini
A scene from Oia, Santorini


Delectable Dessert In Fira – A Serving Of Chillbox Greek Frozen Yoghurt Ice-Cream

Greek yoghurt is something to die for – it is simply delicious! It has a creamier, thicker texture than the average yoghurt. For that reason, it tastes better too and what better way to enjoy it than frozen, topped with generous amounts of fresh fruits and other delectable toppings? 😀

That said, there is no better place on Earth to enjoy Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream than in Greece. Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream can easily be found all over Greece, even on the Cyclades islands. A serving of frozen yoghurt ice-cream could easily beat the scorching heat of the day or turn a frown upside down.

While sightseeing in Fira, we came across a shop called Chillbox that serves Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream with a wide variety of toppings. Since it was a hot day, we could not resist the urge to eat something cold to bring down the heat. Therefore, we decided to order and share a generous serving of the Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream – a decision we did not regret at all. 😉

The cold dessert is charged by weight, about €2.40 for every 100g. We had both the natural and banana flavoured Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream topped with slices of kiwi, candied raspberries, colourful chocolate sprinkles, and more. I admit, we kind of went overboard with the toppings, but it tasted so good!! We are officially fans of Chillbox Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream!


Sightseeing in Fira town, Santorini
Sightseeing in Fira town, Santorini
Adorable-looking fruits in Fira, Santorini
Standing on the difficult to walk on cobbled street in Fira, Santorini
€2.40 for every 100g – Chillbox Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream is delicious!!

Good Bye Dreamy Santorini, See You Again In The Future!

We happily explored the town of Fira while enjoying mouthfuls our delicious Greek frozen yoghurt ice-cream. The town is busier than Oia or any other towns in Santorini. There were more people in Fira as compared to Oia due to its central location and facilities.

After that, we bid good bye to Fira and boarded the local evening bus from the central bus station to Santorini National Airport (JTR). The bus fare was €1.80 per person. At the airport, we patiently waited for the arrival of our Ryanair plane to Athens International Airport (ATH) and we had a safe flight back to Athens, Greece. Read about my experience with Ryanair’s strict cabin luggage policy here.

That marked the end of our 3D/2N Backpacking Santorini Without A Tour journey – a dreamy getaway of a lifetime! To sum it up, we had a wonderful and memorable time on the island paradise. Although the island was slightly deserted when we were there, we enjoyed the undisturbed peace and quiet very much. May the information shared here benefits travellers out there. Happy and safe travels to all! 😉
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
Thank you for the wonderful memories, Santorini. Till we meet again, xoxo
– The End –

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