2D/1N Backpacking Athens Without A Tour (Part 3) : Private Room In A Luxurious Apartment In Athens (Part 2)

Every sunrise comes with a promise of a new day, giving us another chance to make a difference in the world.


Lying on the super soft comfy bed in a foreign city, my sister and I almost didn’t want to wake up and leave the apartment. We had a really good night’s sleep and the sweetest dreams, but it was time for us to get on our feet and explore the beautiful city of Athens, Greece! And what better way to start the day than to enjoy the warm morning sun?


A Lovely Mini Garden On The Balcony

With that, my sister and I got up early and dressed up for an exciting day ahead of us. It wasn’t long before we find ourselves standing happily at the luxury apartment’s beautifully decorated balcony. We say the balcony is beautiful because it has a lovely mini garden.

Colourful potted plants and pretty flowers decorated every corner. There’s even a little olive tree with the cutest olives growing on its branches. I know Greece is famous for its olives (and yes, they taste really good!), but I didn’t think we could see one growing on the balcony of an apartment in the city! Happy max! 😀

Our favourite spot on the balcony has to be the corner where pretty pink and red flowers blossomed beautifully against the concrete jungle setting in the background. It was a soothing sight for the eyes and soul. We couldn’t be happier to enjoy such a luxury first thing in the morning.


The beautifully decorated balcony of a luxurious apartment in Athens
A lovely place to chill and enjoy the view in Athens
A lovely mini garden on the balcony of Christos’ luxurious apartment
Pretty pink and red flowers brightened up our day in Athens


A Serene Sunrise Overlooking The Acropolis Of Athens

The sweet scent of flowers and fresh morning air lingered in the air as the sun spread its warm rays over the city, illuminating the sky with shades of yellow, orange and blue. Down below, the neighbourhood and entire city came alive with people getting ready to face the new day with new hopes and dreams. 🙂

In the background, the Acropolis of Athens stood majestically on top of a hill. Unlike us, it has witnessed countless sunrises and sunsets dating back to the fifth century BC. It was certainly a privilege to witness a beautiful natural phenomenon in the beautiful and historical city of Athens, Greece with my beloved sister.

Didn’t want let the beautiful moment go to waste, we took several beautiful photographs for memories. We know we’ll be happily looking back at the photos with a wide smile in the years to come, probably even sharing the photos with our significant other, children and grandchildren, not forgetting our readers and fans as well.


Watching the sunrise overlooking the Acropolis of Athens from the balcony of a luxurious apartment was a wonderful moment for my sister and I
We really love this romantic feature photo on the wall!
A little olive tree with the cutest olives growing on its branches


The Best Place To Chill In Athens

Of all the areas in Christos’ luxurious apartment, my sister and I love the balcony with a mini garden the most. To read the story and view photos of our private room, click here. Not only does it offers a breathtaking view, it is also a wonderful place to chill out with or without the company friends.

I can imagine having some friends over for a fun barbecue or simply chilling all by myself, sipping a glass of wine or cocktail while reading a good book – such are the simple pleasures of life. It is definitely the best place to chill in Athens, minus the crowd.

It’ll be perfect if it has a swimming pool too – just saying. 😛 Overall, we love our Airbnb choice of accommodation in Athens, Greece. It lived up to its good reputation / reviews and has left nothing but good memories in us. Our only regret is we didn’t stay longer, but we’ll certainly be back.


Simple breakfast and a glass of Greek red wine to start the day
Watching a serene sunrise overlooking the Acropolis of Athens from a beautifully decorated balcony of a luxurious apartment in Athens is a great way to start your day!
My sister, Eva posing happily on the balcony with the Acropolis of Athens in the background


Up next: Exploring the neighbourhood and taking the Metro to the Acropolis of Athens

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