4D/3N Backpacking Krabi (Relaxation & Solitude – Part 7) : Limestone Cave Discovery & Exploration in Tonsai

One of the highlights of my short getaway to Tonsai, Krabi is the discovery of a limestone cave to which I had it to my own to explore. I stumbled upon the cave as I was exploring the area. Although it was not a huge cave, it had all the characteristics of a cave and gave me the opportunity to explore it up-close and personal. 🙂


Initial Steep Climb to the Entrance of the Cave

I am naturally a curious person, so when I found a climbing rope dangling from the side of a limestone cliff in Tonsai to what looks like an entrance to a cave shrouded by undergrowth, I took the rope and started to climb it.

In my mind, all I could think of was to explore the newfound cave: see what it looks like, how big it was, how cool it was, and what creatures lurk in it. For a moment there, I felt like Robinson Crusoe or Christopher Columbus. 😀

The relatively short, but steep climb brought me to the entrance of a bright, spacious and airy cave. Wasting no time, I began exploring sections of the cave and observe its natural surroundings. It was my first time exploring a cave on my own and I felt extremely happy and excited.


The majestic limestone cliffs in Tonsai, Krabi
The initial short, but steep climb to the entrance of the cave in Tonsai, Krabi


Unforgettable Camping or Picnic in the Cave Experience

To my surprise, I found a used mat, mattress and sleeping bag beside what looks like the remains of a bonfire. The cave was used as a camping spot by some people, probably backpackers. What a clever idea it was to spend the night in the cave with friends!

Imagine setting up a bonfire to keep warm and roasting marshmallows or chicken wings with a bunch of friends, drinking beer, singing and dancing and even sharing ghost stories before falling asleep in the safety of the cave. Having tea and sandwiches in the evening sounds fun too!

I would probably camp in this cave the next time I visit Tonsai, Krabi for the fun of it. 😀 However, I stress that we must take precautions not to dirty or destroy the cave during our visit. It is our responsibility to protect our environment and preserve it for our future generations.


The cave is well hidden from the main road in Tonsai, Krabi
I discovered a bright, spacious and airy cave for camping hidden in Tonsai, Krabi
The roof of the cave in Tonsai, Krabi


Priceless Limestone Formations

There are several astonishing limestone formations in the cave. The roof of the cave is filled with stalactites in all shapes and sizes. One part of the cave wall has a unique limestone formation that looks like a shawl or a waterfall.

Thankfully, there were no bats or creepy creatures present in the cave during my visit. 😛 The cave was kept clean and well taken care of. I made it a point not to touch any of the limestone formations or structures in the cave to preserve it.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience to have discovered and explored the cave at my own pace and liking. After that, I bid good bye to the cave and made my way back to Ao Nang Beach by getting a ride on a long-tail boat from Tonsai Beach.


There are several astonishing limestone formations in the cave, Tonsai
One part of the cave wall has a unique limestone formation that looks like a shawl or a waterfall
The roof of the cave is filled with stalactites in all shapes and sizes
The entrance of the cave in Tonsai, Krabi


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  1. I’d love an adventure like this. Bring along a picnic blanket, some sandwiches, iced tea and make ourselves at home in a cave like this. Must be quite an experience Erika & Eva, very envious!

    Michelle from AlexandraLuella.com

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for dropping by my travel blog. Indeed, to camp or have a picnic in a cave will be an unforgettable experience. I’m sure you’ll experience it one fine day. ;-D

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