5D/4N Backpacking London Without A Tour – Free & Easy (Part 10) : Bed in a 8-Bed Mixed Shared Dorm at Generator Hostel London (Part 2)

As usual, after my sister and I checked-in to our dormitory room and kept our belongings safely under our bunk beds, we excitedly explored the other areas of Generator Hostel London. The cool thing about Generator Hostel London is it has its own restaurant, café, bar, various chill-out areas and even a cinema room for guests to enjoy! To read part 1, click here. 😀


Shared Bathrooms, Cubicles & Shower Curtains

But first, we paid a visit to the shared bathrooms. 😉 From what we know, every floor has two set of bathrooms – one for the men, and the other for the ladies. To our delight, the shared bathrooms at Generator Hostel London are spacious and clean.

There are sufficient toilet and shower cubicles with hot/cold shower for the hostel guests to use. Do take note that there are no doors provided for the shower cubicles, only shower curtains. 😛 Also, soap and shampoo is not provided in the shower cubicles.

There are hooks on the walls for us to hang our clothes and towel. Overall, my sister and I were satisfied with the facilities and cleanliness of the shared bathrooms at Generator Hostel London.


Erika in the female shared bathroom of Generator Hostel London
Shower cubicles in the female shared bathrooms of Generator Hostel London
Hot/cold shower and shower cubicles at the female shared bathrooms of Generator Hostel London
A funny sign spotted in one of the toilet cubicles at Generator Hostel London


Restaurant, Café & Bar

Generator Hostel London has one of the coolest restaurants and cafés in town where hostel guests can grab a bite, enjoy a cup of barista-style coffee and socialise with the other hostel guests. Continental breakfast is served from 07:00 to 10:00. The café starts serving breakfast from 08:00 to 11:00, whereas lunch and dinner is available from 12:00 to 23:00.

Snacks such as house chips, mac and cheese and guacamole tortilla chips are priced as low as £2.50 to £5.00. Mains such as salad, burger and steak are priced as low as £6.00 to £12.00, whereas desserts such as cheesecake, chocolate brownie and apple pie are £4.00 to £4.50 a slice. House speciality dishes like fish and chips and pie and mash are priced at £8.50 each.

The bar at Generator Hostel London is open daily from 17:00 to 03:00. Happy hours are from 17:00 to 19:00. The bar is decorated with catwalk lighting, wooden high-top tables, cosy booths and an authentic London Routemaster Bus. Alcoholic cocktails are priced from £4.90 to £6.50, whereas shots are priced at £3.50 to £5.90. Bottles of Camden beer are priced at £3 each.


A tour desk at Generator Hostel London
The cafe at Generator Hostel London
The restaurant at Generator Hostel London
Cosy seating area in the restaurant at Generator Hostel London
Fish and chips (£8.50) at Generator Hostel London
Guacamole tortilla chips (£4.50) and a bottle of Camden beer (£4) at Generator Hostel London
Hostel guests enjoying their time at the bar at Generator Hostel London
A friendly security personnel at the entrance of Generator Hostel London


Cinema Room & Luggage Storage Facility

There is quite a number of chill-out areas at Generator Hostel London, however many hostel guests would prefer to unwind at the cinema room. The spacious cinema room is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 8pm for regular and classic movie nights. The room has tiered seating and custom game tables, this making it a great spot for hostel guests to chill-out and socialise with people. 😉

Besides that, there is a luggage locker facility at Generator Hostel London. Hostel guests are able to store their luggage in one of the many luggage lockers available for rent. The rates are charged per hour according to the size of the locker:


Luggage Locker Rates


6 Hours

12 Hours

24 Hours

Small Locker




Medium Locker




Large Locker





Luggage lockers room at Generator Hostel London
Hostel guests can rent a luggage locker at Generator Hostel London to store their luggage
The luggage locker rates at Generator Hostel London


A Magical Snowfall in London

My sister and I did not expect to see snow when we were in London during late autumn, but we did! Lucky us! 😀 We woke up that morning to see snowflakes falling from the sky from our room window on our second day at Generator Hostel London – it was magical!

Unfortunately, the snowfall only lasted for several minutes. By the time my sister and I got out to taste our first snowflakes, the snowflakes had stop falling and those on the ground had melted away leaving a trace of sludge. Nevertheless, it was a valuable experience for us to have seen our first snowfall.

That memorable experience concluded our time at Generator Hostel London. Although we did not spend our time chilling in the bar or even in the cinema room because we spent most of our time sightseeing outdoors, we enjoyed our 2 night’s stay at the hostel and would not mind staying there again next time. Another bonus is the staff at Generator Hostel London are helpful and friendly. And, they speak several languages too. That is so cool! 😀


Surprised early morning snowfall in London, UK <3


Generator Hostel London

Address: 37 Tavistock Place, London, England, WC1H 9SE

Phone no: +44 (0)20 7388 7666

Email: london@generatorhostels.com


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