• Hastings
  • 2017-2018 Season Blueberry Picker Job Application Process at Gourmet Blueberries Limited, Hastings

    Previously, Gourmet Blueberries Limited in Hastings employs blueberry pickers by taking the first 200 walk-in applications per day during their 2-Day Employment Open Days. This employment system was changed in 2017 and this time, applicants need to register online in order to receive an application form and proceed with the next step of the employment process. My […]

  • Hastings
  • New Zealand Working Holiday (Part 29) : How to Apply & Get a Working Holiday Extension Work Visa in 10 Working Days

    Did you know? People who are already in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa can make a one-off application to stay an additional 3 months if they have completed seasonal work in the horticulture or viticulture industries. So, once I have completed 3 months’ worth of seasonal work (in a kiwifruit/avocado coolstore and a blueberry […]

  • Hastings
  • New Zealand Working Holiday (Part 28) : Working as a Packhouse Assistant at Gourmet Blueberries Limited in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay

    I enjoyed working as a blueberry picker at Gourmet Blueberries Limited in Hastings because the job was relatively easy and the pay was good. However, the work was heavily dependent on the weather; rainy or bad weather days = no picking/work. 😭 Working as a packhouse assistant in the packhouse was a more stable and […]

  • Hastings
  • New Zealand Working Holiday (Part 27) : Working as a Blueberry Picker at Gourmet Blueberries Limited in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay

    In order to extend my working holiday visa in New Zealand, I need to complete at least 3 months seasonal work in any horticulture or viticulture industries. The seasonal work can include planting, maintaining, harvesting or packing crops. I did kiwifruits/avocado packing with SEEKA in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty until the end of the season, […]

  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand Working Holiday (Part 13) : Working as a Kiwifruit & Avocado Packer at SEEKA Huka Pak & Totara Coolstore in Tauranga

    I came to Tauranga, Bay of Plenty in spring (September) looking for work in the kiwifruit industry (my very first job in New Zealand) and I landed myself a job as a kiwifruit packer at SEEKA Huka Pak, Mount Maunganui within the first week of my arrival. 😀 Experience is welcomed, but not necessary because training […]